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2021 COVID-19 Rules

  1. Drivers and Pit Crew members must maintain physical distancing between themselves and other event patrons including other competitors and spectators.  Where physical distancing is not possible, attendees are encouraged to wear a facial covering (mask).

  2. Helmets and other safety equipment MUST be thoroughly sanitized between wearers if applicable

  3. If sharing a vehicle, Drivers must wear gloves and/or sanitize the vehicle’s high-touch areas between drivers

  4. Attendees who display any symptoms of illness before the event, or those who have left Canada in the 14 days preceding the event, are not permitted to attend.

  5. Attendees who begin to display symptoms during the event must immediately self-isolate and/or leave the Stacy Krahn Memorial Motorsports Park as soon as possible

  6. Attendees are responsible for being compliant with all Provincial and National Travel Restrictions

  7. The Town of Wembley has limited public amenities, including 2 convenience stores, liquor store, 2 restaurants, a pharmacy, and the Philip J. Curry Dinosaur Museum. 
    While we encourage attendees to support local businesses, we request attendees be mindful of the current global pandemic if they choose to visit the Town of Wembley outside of the Stacy Krahn Memorial Motorsports Park.


  8. There will be no mass Driver’s Meeting, Final Ceremony, or Group Photo

  9. Campers must not share food or drinks outside of their own households

  10. The Government of Alberta requires P.C.O.R.A. to recommend all attendees download the ABTraceTogether app

  11. Drivers and Pit Crew must maintain excellent personal hygiene throughout the event including frequent washing of hands & face

  12. Campers are encouraged to bring a recreational vehicle with a working bathroom to limit       the use of the provided public bathrooms; however tenting and other camping types are still allowed at this time

  13. P.C.O.R.A. will NOT issue a refund for attendees who arrive to the Stacy Krahn Memorial Motorsports Park with signs of illness.  Refunds will be issued to those who stay home.

  14. Attendees should bring their own non-medical facemasks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.  Limited supplies will be made available at the event.

  15. P.C.O.R.A. has a rapid response plan in place, and will be prepared to respond to any public health threats in a timely manner


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