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1. No drugs or alcohol whatsoever, anyone caught under the influence of either will be disqualified from the competition completely and asked to leave, this includes anyone in the pit area.

2. All vehicles may be subject to a mechanical inspection as deemed by organizers and judges. Vehicles must be in a safe working condition as to not harm competitors or spectators.

3. Helmets and seat belts must be worn during race by all occupants of vehicle.
Helmets must be DOT approved, no bicycle helmets or hard hats.

4. A measurement of time and distance will be taken on each run.

5. Reaction time removed.  Proceed on green after the light countdown, your time starts when your tires move; red light will be 0 time 0 distance

6. All distance will be measured from center of forward most axle on the vehicle.

7. Pits will be approximately 200 feet long.

8. The run will end at the time of the stop flag being dropped (or when vehicle passes finish beams). Time will be taken and/or distance measured. This information will be relayed to the recorder.

9. Run will not end until the vehicle has stopped moving in a forward direction. This will be up to stop flag judge and pit boss.

10. Once flag has been dropped the driver must stop, not doing so will result in disqualification and a ban for the remainder of the event.  In extreme cases a lifetime ban may be imposed.

11. No backing up in the pit

12. There will be a two stall grace at the starting line. If the vehicle stalls at or just past the start line they may back up and try again. The vehicle must be able to back up under its own power (no assistance, i.e. getting pulled back). After three stalls the vehicle will move out of the way and the next vehicle in line will move up. This will count then as a 0 time 0 distance on this run. This will be at the judge’s discretion.

13. The start judge will guide vehicle to start line. The start judge will not start the run until the pit boss signals that the pit is clear and safe.

14. No more than one passenger in each vehicle in the race pits, must be at least 10 yrs of age and must sign waiver form. Absolutely no animals in the vehicle

15. There will be one fire extinguisher at end of each pit. Fire team on site will deal with any fires.

16. Anyone running nitrous oxide will wear fire retardant coveralls at the very least. SFI suit highly recommended

17. Anyone wishing to run in more than one class may enter a higher class than they are regulated for (i.e. 500 class vehicle entering for 700 class).

19. Any one running NOS may run in a regular class (according to tire size) provided they remove NOS bottle. Judges will be free to check this on each run. Not removing the bottle could result in disqualification

20. One vehicle may be entered more than once in a class provided there is a different driver.

21. Quads will follow same rules as vehicles, except no passengers allowed

22. If any vehicle leaves the pit during a run it will count as a 0 time 0 distance, this includes one wheel coming over the side. Decision will be made by judges

23. In the event your vehicle breaks down you may repair it. If you miss a run it will count as 0 time 0 distance. Once your vehicle is repaired you may continue to race. You will not be able to make up for the missed run.

24. Each competitor will get 4 runs each weekend, the worst run out of the 4 will be scratched and your time will be averaged over the best 3 runs for your score over the weekend.

25. Reckless driving will not be tolerated

26. All exhibition runs will be done at the end of the days racing. This will be up to judges as well.

27. All drivers must attend drivers meetings.

28. All drivers entering must have a valid driver’s license, must be presented at time of entries.

29. All tow hooks must be in good working order and easily accessible to hook up crew, if they cannot get at it, the driver will hook up themselves.


30. There will be no exceptions for aftermarket turbo etc. OEM is OK, but anything other than what the vehicle came equipped with FROM THE FACTORY is not allowed in regular classes. VGTs or any ‘slightly modified' turbo do not classify as OEM. Anyone caught with this type of modification, or running a truck in regular class with a nitrous tank, propane injection tank, etc will be disqualified from the race.

31. Any vehicle that runs faster than a 5.00 second average (over 3 runs in a 200 foot pit) will be asked to install a 4 point cage at minimum ASAP. They will have until the next season to have it installed. Must be minimum 4 point, (4 points attached to frame), 1 5/8" .120" wall DOM tube or equivalent 1 1/2" sch40 pipe minimum, cage must have a halo system in place around top inside of cab to protect driver from being crushed. Any vehicle that does not have a windshield must have a roll cage, no exceptions

32. Any vehicle that runs an average time of 7 seconds or faster (over 3 runs in a 200 foot pit) must be equipped with a minimum 4 point harness; you will have a one race grace. You will not be allowed to enter in the next event if you have not added the harness.

33. When the final run of the day is done, you will have 2 hours to do any adjustments and repairs that require you to drive the vehicle. After 2 hours is up, you must approach the president or vice president before driving the vehicle. This is done to ensure no one is driving under the influence. Driving after the 2 hour period can result in disqualification. If found that you are under the influence may result in immediate removal from the event


34. Drivers racing in the Mega Truck (Open) Class must have, at minimum, a 20’ tow strap properly attached to the rear and accessible to be tossed to the mud-monkey from the bounty pit.  The driver is responsible for ensuring the load rating of the strap.  If it breaks, the driver is responsible for hooking a replacement strap up in the bounty pit.


35. Drivers & passengers in the Mega Truck (Open) Class must have, at minimum, a neck brace in addition to other standard safety wear

36.  Drivers & passenger(s) must have appropriate safety gear for everyone in the vehicle

36.  *NEW* Every vehicle must be equipped with a fire extinguisher the driver can access.

One race grace on this rule; fire extinguishers will be available for purchase while supplies last

38.  Mega Truck course may have more than one passenger provided all occupants have a 4 or 5 point harness, are protected by a roll cage built to minimum requirements above, and are over the age of 10 (signed the ride-along waiver).  No animals under any circumstance.

Updated April 2023

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