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I started mud bogging in 2005.  I drove a Suzuki samurai called Mud Midget which I raced for seven years.
I was one of the founders that formed the Peace Country Offroad Racing Association in 2010. I was a director on the board until 2016 which at that time I became president.
In 2013 I purchased an F150 Ford which I call Aggressive Attitude. 
Along with my wife Debbie, son-in-law Myron Krahn and the rest of the mud bog family we put on two events each year at the Stacy Krahn Memorial Motorsports Park.
During race weekend you will find me doing a number of jobs from working on my truck, helping line up trucks, to making sure the show runs smoothly. In the evenings you will find me by the fire reminiscing over the days events. 
When I am not at a Mud Bog, I am at home farming and spending time with my grandchildren. 



I became involved with mud bugs in 2005 along with my husband Jamie, my son-in-law and daughter Myron and Stacy Krahn.
I worked alongside Stacy in the office taking entries and recording the times, while Jamie and Myron raced their trucks.
In 2010 the Peace Country Offroad Racing Association was formed. I then became Treasurer/Secretary for the association. 
During mud bog weekends you’ll find me in the office during the day and around the campfire at night surrounded by the most amazing people you could ever imagine, 
My mud bog family. 
When I am not at Mud Bog  events I am at home helping my husband on the farm and enjoying spending as much time as I can with my grandchildren. 



I began racing 6 years ago. I started helping out with the events that same year and became a director the following year, I believe. I built and maintain a 1984 GMC with the help of my girls. They are very excited to be able to begin racing their own trucks one day, until then they will participate in the Run-a-Muck. They also have a soapbox derby car that keeps them busy. On race weekend I can be found anywhere at the mud bog park trying to help keep things rolling (if not in or under my truck). In the evening I am usually having a “few” cold ones around the fire and visiting with the mud bog family. When not mud bogging I enjoy working in my shop on anything and everything imaginable, snowmobiling and hanging out with my wife Kim and girls Quinn and Kelty.

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Cody - Good.jpg



After several years spectating, in 2015 I decided I had to get into the pits.  I've had various trucks through the years, but currently race a 2001 F150 called the Black Sheep.

I have been volunteering with the association since I showed up, and in 2019 I was added as a director.

I enjoy watching the building of the trucks over time.  Everything from the fastest, to the biggest, to the 100 class drivers that make junk-yard fun on a budget.

Never one to be shy, if you camp out at the event you'll be sure to see me wandering about visiting with friends old and new!

I look forward to many more years with the organization and mud on my tires!



I am one of the founders of the PCORA. First president of the club but stepped back to a director role a few years ago. I drive the Hillbilly Rockstar, the bright yellow 1979 Ford. I’ve been racing it since 2003. It has held the fastest track time on and off since we started. Author of the book ‘I Love You Still’ which will tell you the rest of my story.


Interim Vice-President

I’ve been a Director on this board for awhile now. Usually on race weekend you can find me out helping with the tech inspections or making sure my rig is ready to go. I’ve been a victim of this mud racing disease for a long time haha. Enjoy getting together with everyone and making some noise!! I’ve got 3 boys and an amazing wife that support this habit, I hope to be building rigs for them when it’s time. We also enjoy fishing, and camping when we can. I race a decaled up 1997 Ford Ranger we call The Reaper. 
Hope to see the stands full on race day folks!!




I have been a director for 3 years now and bogging for 5, I moved to GP in 2005, originally from PEI. I have the most amazing beautiful and smartest girlfriend ever named Jen. Together we own and run D&E Recyclers. We have 2 kids and 3 dogs. My spare time is spent wrenching, wheeling and relaxing at home. 




2 years as a director??? 5 years 4 or 5 years involved??? Lol I don't know. Been racing for 12 years. Can be found running around trying fix broken trucks during the bogs and blowing up cars at half time. Work as a mechanic / pressure truck operator. Recently had a baby girl named Clara. Spend all spare time building truck and demolition derby cars.

Jen Timing.jpg



I started racing in 2015 so 5 years now!  I've been a director off and on for 3 years.  I race a 2000 7.3 Ford diesel called the Jeneral Lee.

I  have a big teddy bear for a hubby (Greg Brown) and 2 kids.  I love dogs, I have 3!  And I love gardening, I am that crazy plant lady.

On race weekends you can find me pulling trucks up to the line when I'm not in my truck.  Off race season, I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and my family.

Mark Family.jpg



This is my first year as a director, I have been racing for 5 years, I run the DADBOD blazer. I have 2 amazing kids Logan & Daxon who are my biggest cheerleaders in and out of the pit. When I am not racing or working we are out camping, quadding and enjoying the outdoors!

Deb Derrick Erin.jpg



I got involved with P.C.O.R.A. after Stacy's accident.  I had loved mud & quadding before that, but her story and the impact on her family really drew me to join the sport.

With the help of some really good friends that I also met through P.C.O.R.A., I got my turbo-charged 351W propane Bronco up and running and started racing in 2018.

I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters too, and I'm hoping to share the experience of mudbogging with our local youth!
It's been really great getting to know everybody and I'm excited to take on a role helping to organize the events at Wembley!

(And no.. I've never had Fastest Time... just made the cool trophy in the picture!)

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